Originally Tubes International was specialised in the field of sports – more specifically ski and hiking poles. Everything was about butting of welded aluminium tubes. Gradually, new machines were bought so our production line up was extended by all forms of metal processing.
Soon we would expand our field of clients to the recreational, garden, household and even the automotive industry. We also offer to assemble the final product for you – so you get everything from one hand.
Even if the requirements of the product seem to be quite difficult – together with our partners from the Austrian tool industry – we will always find a good solution.

Today, Tubes International has a strong network of international partner businesses. Together with our partners and clients we develop new products as well. In fact, we had decent success with this lately. For example, we teamed up with Mafimbo for walking sticks with weights attached and with Weber-Technik for safety baby seats for bike trailers. We also worked on different styles of shovels.

Just recently our assortment was extended to components for blinds in the automotive industry, made of welded, butted aluminium tubes – light weighed, silent and with excellent rotation properties.

During our close and open-minded collaborations with our clients we follow the slogan: “Our knowledge for your success!”