Surface treatment finishing

The aluminium tubes can be supplied in a band anodised form: our customers can choose from a wide range of colors, from “natural” (neutral) to special colors such as red or gold. An advantage of piece anodizing is the complete coverage of the weld seam of the high-frequency welded aluminium tube. A low-cost variant of the piece anodizing is the anodizing of long aluminium profiles (6 – 7 meters), which are subsequently sawn to the desired lengths. The thin anodised layer is visually attractive and also provides protection. The more robust version of the anodizing is the piece anodizing, the anodized is approx. 15 to 20 mm thick and also protects against mechanical damage of the aluminium tubes.

Our own powder coating allows for flexibility, both in quantity and quality. Special colors like “Neon Yellow” can be offered, even for small quantities. We powder aluminium and steel tubes in all variants, whether small or large and however difficult the dimension may be, bulky profiles such as hangers for garden tools or snow shovels. By means of special hanging devices, “multi – dimensional” profiles can also be powder coated, not just straight steel or aluminium tubes. All other forms of surface treatment, such as galvanizing, chromium plating, electroplating – are carried out at our partner company EMC in Bulgaria. Grinding – especially of aluminium tubes – is often desired in order to get a nice grease-free surface on the other hand, unlike pre-treatment of ski or hiking sticks, so that the clear lacquer comes into its own.

The heat treatment, in particular the welded aluminium tubes of the alloy 7075, is also considered a finishing in the broader sense. By means of solution annealing and subsequent hot aging, strengths can be achieved above the standard. However, we are also able to treat welded aluminium tubes of other alloys, especially in our furnaces, in order to achieve special mechanical quality values for further processing – for example, bending. Optimal material values can be guaranteed.
In addition to classic production processes such as stamping, bending, drilling, coning …, Tubes International offers various forms of surface treatment of the processed aluminium and steel profiles.

Available versions:

  • Galvanized
  • Band anodized
  • Galvanized sheet steel
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Powder coated
  • Chrome plated