Extrusion profiles

Extruded aluminium tubes

The processing of press profiles or extruded aluminium tubes is another important part of our performance spectrum. The production process – in simplified terms, the pressing of aluminium through a mould with subsequent hardening and straightening – allows a different shaping than comparatively for the welded aluminium profiles.

We offer aluminium extrusion profiles in all kinds of sizes, realisations and processing steps:

  • weight per meter from 0.03 kg / m to approx. 100 kg / m
  • Short lengths up to a few mm
  • Profile diameters from 2mm to 200mm
  • Precision profiles with special tolerances
  • Over 30 different alloys, also high-strength hard alloys
  • Surface treatment, e.g. anodised, in different colors

The alloying range of the extrusion profiles ranges from soft alloys of the 1.000 series (also known as pure aluminium) to the hard press alloys of the 7.000 series. Our customers in the fields of garden technology and household use mostly 6060 T66 (AlMgSi) and 6063 T6 (AlMg0.7Si), since aluminium profiles from these alloys have good strength values and are uncomplicated in further processing.

If somewhat higher strengths of the extrusion press profiles are desired, the alloy 6082 T6 (AlSiMgMn) is recommended, which is used, for example, in guide rails in hedge trimmers.