Processing and surface finishes

Tubes International specializes in the mechanic processing of aluminium and steel profiles. We obtain the pre-products – usually welded aluminium tubes, steel tubes, extruded aluminium and drawn aluminium tubes – in large quantities directly from well-known aluminium or steel plants from Eastern Europe and thus achieve attractive purchase prices. This advantage in the procurement of aluminium and steel tubes is, of course, passed on to our customers. Thanks to our long-standing know-how in the aluminium sector, we guarantee that only first-class materials are processed. Appropriate tools must be made available. Our suppliers are, of course, regularly checked and evaluated.

For example, aluminium shovels for blades:
We take welded aluminium tubes in long lengths from our supplier EMC from Bulgaria. These aluminium profiles are cut to the desired special tolerance, then are punched, bent, anodized. Then PVC hoses are stripped on with compressed air and printed on as well as locked into position with plastic components. The other side of the aluminium tube is butted (tapered) to allow the shovel blade to be mounted and riveted.

Packaging of the treated profiles is carried out as standard in disposable cartons with wooden frames and steel or plastic tape lacing, ends open, cardboard size 60 x 60 cm. On request, any type of special packaging is possible, for example with paper interlinings or individually wrapped, if the surface quality is decisive.

The processing steps of the aluminium and steel tubes are defined and documented in our production plans, as are the corresponding test plans. Our customers are always invited to inspect the documentation and to audit us. It is our great concern and part of the company policy to always be open and transparent with our partners.

With our partners from the plastics and metal industry, we are happy to procure and install additional components for your product.

Das Verpacken der bearbeiteten Profile erfolgt standardmäßig in Einwegkartons mit Holzumrahmung und Stahl – oder Plastikbandschnürung, Enden offen, Kartongröße 60 x60 cm. Auf Wunsch ist jeder Art der Sonderverpackung möglich, beispielsweise mit Papierzwischenlagen oder einzeln umwickelt, wenn die Oberflächenqualität entscheidend ist.

Die Bearbeitungsschritte der Aluminium – und Stahlrohre sind in unseren Fertigungsplänen festgelegt und dokumentiert, ebenso die entsprechenden Prüfpläne. Unsere Kunden sind jederzeit eingeladen, in die Dokumentationen Einsicht zu nehmen und uns zu auditieren. Es ist unser großes Anliegen und Teil der Firmenpolitik, mit unseren Partnern immer offen und transparent zusammenzuarbeiten.

More than just tubes:

  • cutting, punching, drilling, milling
  • bending, tapering, reducing, swaging, flaring
  • welding, grinding
  • hardening, heat treating
  • powder coating
  • anodizing (with external partners)
  • all kinds of assembling and mounting